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Around the World - X-Mas

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Developer: TMB Productions
More details:Official game website
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  • executable: XATW.EXE
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Use the arrow keys to move around, Space bar to jump and Alt to throw snowballs.

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Game description

Around the World - X-Mas is a festive-themed short tie-in for Around the World -- a platform game about an anthropomorphic wolf that travels the world. It is written in QuickBasic and plays very smoothly. The wolf can jump and throw snowballs to get rid of the nasty elves and snowmen. The objective of each level (there are only two) is to reach the exit while racking as much points as possible by collecting presents and snowballing enemies.

The game is fairly easy, but is an example of very good QuickBasic programming. Around the World - X-Mas was released as freeware, and later on the authors provided the source code from their site, but it appears to have been lost.

Description by MrFlibble

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