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Battlecruiser: 3000AD Demo v3.00

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Developer: 3000AD, Inc.
More details:Official game website, MobyGames, Wikipedia
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When the demo starts, press W repeatedly to select Mars and use the arrow keys to orientate the cruiser until you see the red rectangles pointing the way to Mars. The press Shift+1 to start movement (or press Shift+9 for max speed). As soon as you approach Mars, press 0 to slow down to a stop.

Once in Mars' orbit, press Alt+1 to launch an Interceptor. You need to enter the planet's orbit. Shift+1 starts your flight - go right towards the planet. For other instructions and hints, please read the electronic manual.

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Game description

Contrary to what the version number might suggest, this is a very, very early developmental version of Battlecruiser: 3000 A.D. It looks drastically different from the final version, but has the same basic concepts: you assume the role of a GALCOM battlecruiser captain, tasked with keeping peace in the Galaxy with the threat of the hostile Gammulans looming.

The demo contains a two-part mission where you need to defend a colony on Mars from Gammulan attack. Not all game options and modes are available, but you will control the Battlecruiser and pilot an Interceptor, including atmospheric flight. There is also a Free Flight mode where all player's craft are invincible and you can freely explore the game world.

Additionally, the demo includes optional intro and in-game animations. It is relatively simple-looking, but playable nonetheless, and shows what the game could've looked like if it came out back in 1993.

Description by MrFlibble

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