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Blupi Explorer

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Also known as: Blupi Explorateur (French title)
Developer: Epsitec
Publisher: Epsitec
More details:Official game website
Related games: Liberated (former commercial), Hop and Bop platformer

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Game description

Blupi Explorer is a kid-friendly non-violent platform game featuring Blupi, a yellow egg-shaped character, who is exploring a castle looking for treasure.

The game is intended to train logical thinking and problem-solving skills in younger players, but will entertain adults as well, with an appealing, colourful and non-violent setting. There are classic hop-and-bop elements, as you can only dispose of certain robotic hazards by jumping on top of them, but also certain Jet Set Willy vibes as well, because Blupi needs to find various items to overcome obstacles and make progress in the castle. In some areas, Blupi can find and use a bulldozer and a small helicopter to navigate around castle rooms.

The game was originally sold commercially, but in October 2017 Epsitec made it available as freeware. There are 22 rooms in the castle to explore for treasure.

Description by MrFlibble

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