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BOB and his Amazing Journey Home

Game information

Also known as: BOB (abbreviated title)
Developer: Zaskoda Soft
Publisher: Softdisk Publishing
More details:Official game website
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  • executable: BOB.EXE
  • freeware release

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Game description

BOB and his Amazing Journey Home is an action/puzzle game that seems to have been at least in part inspired by Sokoban and Chip's Challenge. The player controls BOB, a friendly blue blob-like creature that is trapped in a lab full of hazardous contraptions and must find his way home to the Arctic.

To do this, BOB needs to traverse a series of rooms, each filling up one screen. Each room's door must be unlocked by a key that is found in the same room, but retrieving it and getting to the exit may be tricky due to all kinds of obstacles, including wall-mounted and stationary laser turrets and crates that can be pushed around. Additionally, BOB may find and push buttons that can make solid walls appear or disappear in certain locations, opening new passages or blocking laser beams for BOB to safely pass through.

The game is clearly geared towards kids because the puzzles are relatively simple to solve, but the process is entertaining nonetheless. BOB was originally sold as shareware, but eventually author Scott Dudley made the full 60-level registered version available as freeware sometime around 2004.

Description by MrFlibble

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