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Cara Grabs Antimatter

Game information

Also known as: Cara Grabs Antimatter! (in-game title)
Developer: Tom "Voxel" Purnell
More details:Official game website

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File Details
  • executable: CARA.COM
  • floppy image

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Game description

Cara Grabs Antimatter is a simple puzzle game in colourful CGA graphics (if that makes any sense). The player controls Cara, an astronaut who needs to collect all antimatter (represented by yellow disks) in a maze of sorts where you can only move from one wall to another. Each level takes up a single screen, and once all antimatter has been acquired, you can proceed to the next one. Complicating matters are bounce pads that will throw Cara around corners, spikes, energy barriers and other contraptions, and only careful thinking will get you past these obstacles as the puzzles get more and more complex with each successive level.

Description by MrFlibble

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