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Carmageddon: Splat Pack

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Carmageddon Max Pack: €7.99


NOTE: You can play this demo natively on Windows using a third-party engine recreation (please see the links section at the bottom of the page).

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Max is back... madder and badder than ever in the latest in the Carmageddon series. SCi have announced the release of the Carmageddon add-on pack, affectionately known as the Splat Pack.

You return once again to spin, slip and slide through pedestrians, cows and opponents as you race through an incredible 18 new tracks in 4 new environments. Instead of driving through cities and deserts you are now able to drive through medieval worlds full of knights in shining armour and jesters and even, if you are mad and bad enough, visit the fiery gates of Hell in the lava level.

For you maniacs that loved Carmageddon's fantastic network option there are also new network tracks, featuring the new nerve-twisting "Figure of 8", where the name-of-the-game is pure collision carnage.

The tracks aren't the only new additions. The two original vehicles have been revamped and re-tuned to produce the advanced Red Eagle 2 and Hawk Deluxe. These vehicles of violence now handle with improved speed and agility thanks to the latest Stainless Software boosted physics code. This means more realism than ever before.

So you've got new tracks, improved, boosted cars to drive, what's missing? Opponents! If you thought the guys you messed with before where good, you ain't seen nothing yet. Making their debuts in the Splat Pack are; a huge truck, capable of destoying cars in a single hit, a sleek, mean silver Sports Racer, a super charged, hard-as-nails American Classic, (Don't worry it comes without the Dukes of Hazard air horn) and for pure carnage fodder, a Mini !!.

Description by Sales Curve Interactive

Game links

  • nGlide (Glide wrapper that works with DOSBox)
  • DOSBox SVN Daum (enhanced DOSBox version w/ additional features) tip
  • Dethrace (Carmageddon engine recreation)

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