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You can play Clone on this website so you don't need to download and install the game on your computer. We recommend to use Google Chrome when playing DOS games online.

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  • executable: CLONE.EXE
  • freeware release v1.00a

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Game description

Clone is an original puzzle game with adventure elements that combines features from such classics as Soko-Ban, Boluder Dash and Supaplex, but also brings in a few twists of its own. The player controls a blue-coloured blob with a smiley face that vaguely resembles Pac-Man or Murphy from Supaplex, with the objective to safely guide this character through a series of mazelike levels filled with puzzles and traps.

The major twist is that, depending on the level, the player character can multiply into several "clones" that all move simultaneously according to the player's directions, i.e. if you press the right arrow key, all clones will move to the right, and so on. Many puzzles are built around this feature, requiring a very precise control of the characters' movements. The game comes with a very informative tutorial and is quite intuitive to play. Visually, the art is somewhat reminiscent of Mirror Magic, and there is also a very nice soundtrack.

Clone was originally distributed as shareware, but eventually author Mathieu Frenette released the full version as freeware.

Description by MrFlibble

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