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Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure

Game information

Also known as: The Adventures of Zonk (working title), Cosmo: Kid From Space (working title)
Developer: Apogee Software
Publisher: Apogee Software
More details:Official game website, MobyGames, Wikipedia

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  • includes installer
  • executable: INSTALL.EXE
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  • Windows
  • 157 kB (0.15 MB)

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Game description

What's green with red spots, has suction hands, and has an overbite like Bart Simpson? Of course, the answer is Cosmo! A young alien on his way to visit Disney World with his parents. That is, until their ship is struck by a blazing comet, forcing them to land on an uncharted planet.

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure is an epic journey across a forbidden planet full of dangers and surprises. Can he save his parents, who have been taken captive, before they are eaten by the native aliens?

Cosmo is a lovable extra-terrestrial (alien) with a special ability, he has hands that work like suction cups! He can cling to walls, ledges, and all sorts of things.

Description by Apogee Software


Full health and bombs: press the following three keys at the same time: C-0-F10. You'll get full health and full bombs. Only works once per game!

Debug mode: press Tab-Del-F12 at once to activate "debug mode". The cheats that are now available are:

F10-G: God mode
F10-M: Display memory statistics
F10-W: Warp

Description by VGTips

Game screenshots

Game video by Ancient DOS Games