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Also known as: Crusade: The Fight for Power (tag-lined title)
Developer: Greenwood Entertainment
Publisher: Funsoft GmbH
Category:Turn-Based Strategy
More details:Official game website, MobyGames
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Crusade is a turn-based strategy/wargame in a mediaeval fantasy setting. Up to four players command kingdoms and armies in a bid for domination across multiple scenarios. The economy system is somewhat more complex than in Warlords or Conquest of Elysium II, as armies need both payment and food to get going, meaning that players not only need to capture towns to collect taxes, but also control grain-producing sites, or spend money on buying supplies, making the game somewhat comparable to Kingdom At War in this respect.

On the battlefield, players command troops of up to 50 units of the same type, which may in be in different condition, from perfectly healthy to wounded or sick. Unit types range from realistic (but not necessarily historical) like peasants, foot soldiers and archers, to fantasy characters such as sorcerers and dragons. Units move on a hexagonal grid, similar to Fantasy General. Not that to issue orders, you need to click and hold the left mouse button over a troop until a pop-up menu appears with available commands.

The playable demo includes one small scenario for two players, which can be played against the AI or between two human players in hot seat mode. Additionally, there is a scenario editor, but any scenarios created with it cannot be played in the demo. According to author Tim Wellhausen, the full version of Crusade was available as a free download from German website, but its current legal status is unknown.

Description by MrFlibble

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