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CyberBox Forever

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Developer: Petr Simon
Related games: Sokoban (Soko-Ban) variant, Fangame, Self-published

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CyberBox Forever is a CyberBox fangame. Much like The Continuing Adventures of CyberBox, it was created out of disappointment with how Cyberbox II differed from the first game.

The rules and pieces are exactly the same as in the original CyberBox. It is similar to Soko-Ban in that the player needs to push boxes around, but the main objective is to reach the exit of the maze, not to place boxes into designated positions. Some boxes can only be pushed in certain directions, some can be pulled instead of pushed, some can only be moved when an adjacent box pushes against them. There are also various one-way tiles that limit the character's movement.

CyberBox Forever comes with 15 very difficult puzzles, two tile sets, and a room editor that allows to create user levels.

Description by MrFlibble

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