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Doomdark's Revenge PC

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The sequel to Lords of Midnight PC, this is also an unofficial (but later authorised) conversion of the ZX Spectrum strategy/adventure game. It is played very similarly to the first game, but the game world is now more dynamic, with independent non-player characters and the game's antagonist acting on their own, rather than just waiting for the player to engage them.

Once more, the player controls Luxor the Moonprince and his loyal followers on a quest against evil, which this time is the previous game's Big Bad's daughter who holds Luxor's son Morkin hostage under an enchantment spell (kind of like the Snow Queen from Andersen's fairy-tale). You need to explore a vast and dynamic world, fight foes and recruit allies, and finally lay siege to the enemy stronghold and defeat her, or at least rescue Morkin and get back to Midnight unscathed.

The game is available as freeware for non-comemrcial purposes, along with the source code. A native Windows version exists with improved graphics, as well as a full-blown 3D remake, both freeware as well.

Description by MrFlibble

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