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Fighter Duel Special Edition

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Also known as: Fighter Duel SE (common abbreviation)
Developer: Jaeger Software
Publisher: Philips Interactive Media
More details:Official game website, MobyGames, Wikipedia
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In this special freely-distributable demo copy, only the A6M2 Zero is available to fly. Also, several features have been disabled from the commercial version:
o The only scenario available is the Surprise Attack
o The two-player serial and modem mode is not available.
o The fuel load and flight time is limited to 10 minutes.

This archive also contains a special demo version of NetDuel which will allow two players to dogfight over an IPX network. This special demo version of NetDuel limits players to a choice of either the A6M2 Zero or F4U-1D Corsair to fly.

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Game description

Fighter Duel is a state-of-the-art, award-winning World War II dogfight simulator for the PC created by Jaeger Software, Inc. and SPGS, Inc., and published by Philips Media, Inc.

Fighter Duel was built with one goal in mind: to recreate the excitement and challenge of the World War II dogfight. We know you will agree that with its smooth frame rate, accurate and realistic aircraft force flight modeling, detailed flight environment, and sophisticated enemy tactics, Fighter Duel is the most realistic World War II dogfight simulator available.

Now in this new Special Edition we've made Fighter Duel even better, with improved flight models, 9-player IPX network play, radio chat, greater video card compatibility and many other improvements.

Description by Philips Interactive Media

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