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Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest

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Also known as: HOMM1 (informal abbreviation)
Developer: New World Computing
Publisher: New World Computing
Category:Turn-Based Strategy
More details:Official game website, MobyGames, Wikipedia
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Heroes of Might and Magic: €9.99

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The first game in the popular fantasy turn-based strategy series. Here, you have only four castle types, echoing the hero classes/archetypes from the earlier King's Bounty by Jon van Caneghem, no unit upgrades or secondary special abilities, and a somewhat simplified magic system. However, the game is still fun, and the hand-drawn art very endearing.

The campaign revolves around the founder of the Ironfist dynasty from the later games, a knight who is sent through a portal into another world and then sets to conquer it, vying against three rival factions (each representing one hero/castle type). There is also a variety of maps included for play against AI or human opponents.

The playable demo, originally found on a Computer Gaming World magazine coverdisk, includes several single-player scenarios, which, however, can be played only for three in-game weeks each. The campaign and multiplayer mode are disabled in the demo version.

Description by MrFlibble

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