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Hexen II

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If you want to run the DOS version in DOSBox, please use the fixed CWSDPMI file.

DOSBox needs to be set to at least 32 MiB of memory (default is 16) to run the DOS version, otherwise launch H2DOS.EXE with the -mem 16 parameter.

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Hexen II is the direct sequel to the original Hexen: Beyond Heretic, but takes place on a different mediaeval world that was conquered by the third Serpent Rider, Eidolon. Running on the Quake engine, this is the first game in the Hexen/Heretic series to use true 3D graphics. Hexen II also leans more heavily towards the action RPG genre: not only there are more player character classes now, but each will gain experience and level up as the game progresses.

Hexen II was not originally released for DOS, but after the source code release it was back-ported to DOS within the Hammer of Thyrion source port project (please see the links section below). Thanks to this, the original demo of the game, which only contains two levels and two character classes, is available for DOS and runs in DOSBox. A newer demo, version 1.11, enables the other classes.

Description by MrFlibble

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