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Hoosier City

Game information

Also known as: Hoosier City I: Assault of the Orcs (first episode title), Hoosier City II: Liberating Freedom City (second episode title), Hoosier City III: Return to Oil City (third episode title)
Developer: Wetware
Publisher: MVP Software
More details:Official game website, MobyGames
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MVP Software, the publisher of this game, has made some of its titles available for free download, including this game. MVP Software does not provide technical support for this title anymore.

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Game description

You're the only hope humans have in a world gone mad. Mutant Orcs and their cronies have taken over the Earth, which now supports life only in a few domed cities. Your mission: retake Hoosier City and make it safe for human habitation again. But the Orcs aren't all you must contend with. Dragons, giants, ghosts, and skeletons are just some of the foes that would love to do you in.

Description by MVP Software

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Game video by Ancient DOS Games