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Horde: The Northern Wind

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Also known as:
  • Horde: Northern Wind (alternate spelling)
  • Horde: North Wind (alternate spelling)
Category: Real-Time Strategy
Year: 1999
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Game added by: MrFlibble
Violence: !This game includes violence
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DOSBox: Supported

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includes installer
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The demo contains one scenario (map) designed for both single- and multiplayer hot seat modes.

The file contains the Russian DOS version of the game and is the English language Windows version. NOTE: Both versions come with a Windows installer that does not work in DOSBox.

To play the Russian version, you need to type a nation leader's name in the box (screenshot). Type "Jktu" (without quotes) tom play as Oleg (red), "Bujhm" - as Igor (blue), and ""qhbr" - as Eric (teal). You can select one leader and start the game, and the next time you load the same game all three leaders will be available from the list.


  • Image by Buka Entertainment
  • Image by Buka Entertainment
  • Image by Buka Entertainment

Description (by Buka Entertainment)

Horde is a strategy game based around Russian folk stories. The player starts with his/her hero and a few of his warriors setting up a settlement. In the course of the game the player develops his/her city economically and builds an army to protect his/her country from aggressive neighbors.

In the beginning the player’s army is small, and he/she tries to keep the fragile peace with other nations. But at length he/she becomes strong enough to attack and conquer those, who once were a menace to his/her land.

The game features strong economic and military elements. In most similar games (Warcraft etc.) player’s only income is the gold his/her workers mine, the wood they cut and so on. In Horde based primarily on tax collected from the inhabitants of his/her settlement.

The game features move based and real time modes. The game is divided between diplomacy and huge battles, in which a great number of units can take part. The gameplay is very well balanced and the system requirements are very low (486 and above).

Key features:

  • Strong economic and military elements
  • Diplomacy option: The player may live in peace with the neighbouring nations, declare war to any of them, or form an alliance with one of them to defeat another.
  • Huge battles, in which over 400 units can take part
  • Continuous gameplay: As distinct from other games of the same genre, Horde is not divided into a set of scenarios, each of which the player has to start from the very zero. The game is over only when all enemies are either destroyed or submitted to the player’s forces.
  • E-mail multiplayer option, and - for the first time in the history of real time strategy games - HotSeat



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Horde: The Northern Wind



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