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Buka Entertainment is the leading Russian computer game publisher, with more than twenty employees in its Moscow head office. One of the pioneers of the Russian industry, founded in 1993, we now publish games in Russia and under licence abroad, as well as localizing and distributing quality foreign titles through an unparalleled network across Russia, the Baltic states, and the CIS, using innovative methods which allow us to tap the enormous potential of the Russian computer game market.

Buka Entertainment was founded as a distributor, and we soon began to work as the Russian partners of all major companies (Acclaim, Accolade, Codemasters, Electronic Arts, Eidos, GT Interactive, Interplay, Konami, Sega, Sony, Virgin etc.).

In 1996 the company entered the publishing business with its first title, Russian Roulette, one of the first full priced games developed and published in Russia. By 2000 we had released sixteen games, which have sold more than 400,000 copies in the Russian market alone: these include the racing game Hard Truck, the innovative Vangers: One For The Road, the role-playing/strategy game Rage of Mages, and an extremely popular series of cartoon adventures which have sold more than 100,000 units; Buka products are constantly in the top 5 of the Russian chart and have won numerous prestigious awards.

In 2000, the company intends to publish 30 games in Russia; while 10 of these will be our own games, 20 will be localized software, products of our localization department. Established in 1998, it translates text and records high quality voiceovers, publishing games to coincide with their international release, helping to reduce the impact of piracy. All our games are published in two versions: in conventional boxes and in jewel cases at a price to compete with industrial piracy.

We work with the most prominent and talented developers from all over Russia, and are constantly searching for young and prominent teams. We do not just publish their products, but also provide them with technical, management, legal and financial assistance at every stage of game development, doing everything possible to assure the projects we take up reach our high standards.

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