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In Search of Dr. Riptide

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You are Nick Nautilus, Special Naval Agent (SNAT) 1138!

SNAT 1138 Mission Summary:

You have been called into action to seek and destroy the undersea laboratory of Dr. Tiberius Riptide, a mad scientific outcast. You have been ordered to use any means necessary to put Dr. Riptide and his secret lab out of comission... for good! A JASON submersible will be issued to aid your search. The JASON's small, manageble size will make it an invaluable asset in your quest to bring Riptide to justice!

Description by Beaucomm Interactive


Use these passwords to skip to various levels in the game:

Level 2 Micro Menace: UR2GD
Level 3 Tulip Tango: URGR8
Level 4 Red Tide: 4GOOD
Level 5 Fathoms of Teeth: 2MUCH4U
Level 6 Think Tank: ACE

Description by VGTips

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