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Entertainment Software Publishing

Beaucomm Interactive is a worldwide software publisher. Beaucomm accepts submissions from development companies interested in seeing their software distributed worldwide. Development teams should prepare a short, quality presentation of their work along with an operational demo. Funding for some projects is available. Send an e-mail with details of your game title and your company or team to the address below with "Software Submissions" in the subject line. All inquiries and submissions are confidential.

Entertainment Software Development

Beaucomm produces and developes its own software titles through independent development teams worldwide. If you're a software programmer, artist, musician or have experience with 3D environments; feel free to drop us a line via e-mail. We'll place you in our database of development professionals. Projects surface each month where we may be able to use your skills. Payment arrangements can be cash or percentage of royalties depending upon the project and your needs. E-mail us at our general address and include "Development" in the subject line. All inquiries and submissions are confidential.

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