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Midnight Synergy

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Website: Midnight Synergy

About Midnight Synergy

Game development at Midnight Synergy is done with one purpose in mind: we want to make games that are great fun. Nothing else. We do not put our resources towards creating extensive cutscenes or other window dressing, nor do we pump millions of dollars into advertising campaigns. Rather, we focus our efforts on making our games as fun to play as possible.

We also strive to bring you our games at low prices, let you try out free demos first and provide you with excellent support. From free updates with new gameplay features to personal e-mail support, we want to make sure you enjoy our games as much as we do. While the Midnight Synergy development label was formed in 1995, our members have been active in the game industry for almost twenty years, and have been avid gamers for even longer. We hope to continue bringing you games that are simple to learn and fun to play for many years to come.

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