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Jet Set Willy PC

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This is another unofficial conversion of the classic ZX Spectrum puzzle-platform game Jet Set Willy from the creator of Manic Miner PC.

Miner Willy has grown rich from all the treasure that he'd found in the previous game, and now he owns a mansion, leading a life of idle enjoyment. One morning, after heavy partying the previous night, Willy wants to go bed, but his housekeeper Maria won't let him until he tidies up.

The mansion is full of different rooms, packed with zany creatures, as well as items that Willy needs to collect. Touching any of the monsters is lethal for Willy, and there are no weapons either, so you need to carefully navigate around them by running and jumping. Unlike Manic Miner, you don't have a time limit for each room, instead you'll go back and forth between the different rooms, exploring the mansion in the process.

This game is comparable with Top Hat Willy, which is a Jet Set Willy fangame, but here, the levels and playing mechanics are exactly the same as in the ZX Spectrum original. Only the visuals have received a tasteful overhaul, making Jet Set Willy PC a classic game on its own.

Jet Set WIlly PC was released as freeware. A Windows native port from 2004 is available alongside the original DOS version.

Description by MrFlibble

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