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Developer: TrollsTreasure
Category:Turn-Based Strategy
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Lehnsherren (which can be roughly translated from German as Fief Lords) is a medieval turn-based management strategy game for one to four players. Each player represents a lord on a fictional island, vying for power and control of the entire territory. This is accomplished by building a strong economy and advancing in rank, then taking up to military conquest of the other lords.

In many aspects, Lehnsherren is similar to Lords of the Realm, but apparently on a somewhat smaller scope. Each turn represents one full year, during which your subjects will sow and reap harvest, collect taxes and build various structures. Also, random events may happen that can positively or adversely affect the player's stance and fortunes.

The game is entirely in German, but it does not really require any extensive knowledge of the language to play. You have one screen for handling your grain and granaries -- these must be repaired so that the grain is not spoiled. Some has to be allotted to the populace to prevent them from starving, and the rest may be sold. The next screen takes you to taxes and loans, and here you may also repair your housing and grain mills. Then you get to the building management screen that gives an actual overview of the game map and the player's kingdoms. Next, random events such as marriage or finding treasure may occur, and finally the turn is over.

The game is primarily designed for several users playing in hot-seat mode, so the single-player game is more of a practice mode. Be prepared to skip a lot of turns because everything is very expensive. Make sure you build more granaries and houses to keep all the grain you reap and grow the population. Never forget to allot grain to the population, or it will quickly go down from hunger. Getting more points will result in the player growing in rank, which will eventually unlock the option to hire military units. The first player to reach the rank of F├╝rst (Prince) wins.

Lehnsherren was released as shareware. The unregistered version does not have all the ranks available to the player, but appears to have no other limitations.

Description by MrFlibble

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