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Developer: Toni Svenström
More details:Official game website, MobyGames
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Use the arrow keys to move, Z to jump and X to throw a fireball.

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MagiDuck is a very nice modern arcade platform game. You control the eponymous duck who has the ability to throw fireballs, on a quest to clear the castle from an invasion of bad guys. You will shoot fireballs, dodge enemies and their projectiles, as well as other hazards, and collect coins and jewels for higher score in a colourful, albeit blocky and low-res, magical world.

The game is feature-complete and includes a console-style save/load system and detailed built-in help/reference system. There are ten levels which may be played in any order, but you need to complete each and collect a star at the end of every level to unlock the final boss. The controls are very smooth, and generally the game has a very polished, professional look and feel, even in spite of the blocky graphics.

MagiDuck is distributed as freeware, and the source code is also available. The game can run on very low-spec real DOS systems or in DOSBox. The graphics use a hacked text mode, which is different from that employed in Paku Paku or Silly Knight, but achieves a similar effect.

Description by MrFlibble

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