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Also known as: MegaRace 1 (informal title), Mega Race (alternate spelling)
Developer: Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Publisher: The Software Toolworks
More details:MobyGames, Wikipedia
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MegaRace 1+2: €5.99


The demo version features one track and one playable car from the full game.

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You've got to fight to finish.

It’s the incredibly stunning visual communications highway of the future, and you’re the star of VWBT Network’s hit show - MegaRace - with an audience that’s out for blood. To keep ratings up (the meaner you are, the higher they get), you’re pitted against five of the nastiest drivers ever to take a wheel in a wild virtual race to the finish... yours... or theirs.

Description by Cryo Interactive Entertainment

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Game video by Ancient DOS Games