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Also known as: Nicolausi '95 (alternate title)
Developer: TOM-Productions
Publisher: TOM-Productions
More details:Official game website, MobyGames
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Nicolausi is a charming Christmas-themed isometric action-adventure game. Santa fell ill and asked his German cousin Nicolaus to deliver the presents. But all of those got scattered around, and the delivery tags are lost. Worse still, the Easter Bunny (who looks like he's just been chilling on a sunny beach) is running loose, bent on stopping Nicolaus from delivering the presents (for some reason!).

You control Nicolaus with keyboard arrows, and interact with the game world using the Enter key. Nicolaus can only move across walkways, and the only defence against the Bunny are snowballs which may be found in piles across the levels, but not carried around. If you deliver the wrong present to a house, the person there will get angry and slam the door shut, temporarily blocking the way with a pile of snow that falls from the roof. Otherwise there appears to be no time limit to completing a level.

Nicolausi is sold as shareware, with only three levels available out of ten in the unregistered version. There are three skill levels, and multiple player profiles are supported.

Description by MrFlibble

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