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Developer: e-People
Publisher: Optimus Nexus
Category:First-Person Shooter
More details:MobyGames, Wikipedia

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Pył is a first-person shooter from Poland, in a sci-fi/post-apocalyptic setting and rendered in full 3D. But don't expect to run around with guns blazing, like in Quake or DOOM. The world of Pył is an oppressive dystopian place where perils abound and supplies are scarce, and you will need your wits (and, to be fair, a good deal of save scumming) to get through, relying on stealth and conserving ammo at every step.

The game is set on a moon in a distant star system which has been for centuries the arena of isolated, intense fighting that has replaced conventional warfare (it is literally called Arena in the story). Over the years, mankind has gradually lost important technological knowledge, and now hopes to rediscover these lost technologies as leftovers of the past conflicts that raged on the Arena. All sorts of adventurers come to this place, with the caveat that there is no easy way out due to the immense gravitational pull of the nearby planetary giant. The main character is a former Imperial commando who found himself on the Arena by accident and now desperately tries to find his way out.

Overall, the game feels and plays more like a 3D first-person adventure with shooting, rather than a conventional FPS. The visuals might remind you of Azrael's Tear somewhat. and there is a fitting emphasis on puzzles and exploration. The key to success lies in using caution and relying more on stealth rather than brute force.

You can press 1 to switch your carbine, which is the primary weapon, between firing bursts and single shots, and use the latter mode coupled with the sniper scope (backspace by default) to score quick hits with well-placed headshots while staying outside the guards' range. Also the level designers seem to have been quite fond of spawning enemies behind the player at certain scripted moments, which is not very nice, but not much of a problem anyway, as you can save and load the game at any time.

It appears that Pył never saw an official release outside Poland, although fans have created translations into other languages, including English. The game also came out at the time when DOS support was fading, and its hefty demands on hardware in software mode make it sluggish at times even when playing in DOSBox on a powerful host machine.

The playable demo contains one level, which is a bit different from the first level in the full game, as there are more enemies. The language barrier should pose little problem, at least in the demo, as everything is pretty much self-explanatory, except that you need to stick to the stealthy approach mentioned above. The controls are easily remapped to WASD from the options menu.

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