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Developer: Christoph Brzozowski
Publisher: SOFTWARE 32
Related games: Clone, Bomberman like, Classic

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  • executable: INSTALL.EXE

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Game description

Welcome to Pyromania! This game gives you a lot of fun and action, assuming you have one or more partners you can play the game with, since it is only a multiplayer game. Up to 4 Players can join this game, but then the fun and excitment is guaranteed.

You can describe the goal of this game with only one word: SURVIVE!

This game is based upon the idea of Bomberman. You control your bomberman inside a labyrinth. In the beginning the corridors of this labyrinth are barricaded by some blocks. But there is no problem freeing them by using some bombs. If you are lucky then sometimes an extra appears, after you blowed up the block. There are many extras you can use, but I'll come later to this. The goal of the game is to kill all your enemies and to survive.

Description by Christoph Brzozowski

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