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Christoph Brzozowski

About Christoph Brzozowski

My name is Christoph Brzozowski and [as of July 1997] I am 18 years old. I have programmed for about 11 years. I passed the typical computer freak career. It began with BASIC on an old ATARI 800 XL. After this the C64 came out and some years after I have bought an AMIGA and finally I came to the PC. I was always fascinated by computer graphics and the development of computer games. Since I've been writing my programs in BASIC for a long time I was not able to develop some serious games. After I got a PC I began to learn ASSEMBLER. First I used this language to program some additional graphic routines for my BASIC programs. But my skills improved and then I began to program only in ASSEMBLER. Pyromania is now the first program I have developed completely in ASSEMBLER and the first real game I wrote until now. All my programming experience is focused in this product. The development of Pyromania took nearly a year.

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