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Also known as: Valhalla (alternate release title)
Developer: Norsehelm Productions
More details:Official game website, MobyGames, Wikipedia
Related games: Liberated (former commercial), DOS & Windows, Roguelike, Norse mythology, Dungeon crawler

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  • Extra
  • MS-DOS
  • 75 kB (0.07 MB)


Initially a shareware game, Ragnarok was eventually released as freeware by authors Thomas Boyd and Robert Vawter. is the official hintbook.

NOTE: This game can be played directly in Windows using a third-party engine recreation (see the links section below).

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Ragnarok is a graphical roguelike game set in the world of Norse mythology. The player takes on the role of a young Viking who sets off on a quest of finding several artifacts that will aid in the prevention of Ragnarok, or the end of the world. The game world is randomly generated for each playing session as is typical of the roguelike genre. Six classes are available to the player, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Description by MrFlibble

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