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Rampart Rampage

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Also known as: Hunch (alternate release title), Hunchback 96 (alternate release title)
Developer: Dod-G Pos-E
More details:Official game website, MobyGames
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Press the angle brackets keys () to move left and right, A to jump.

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Rampart Rampage is a side-scrolling game loosely based on Ocean Software's1983 arcade game Hunchback. You control a character with a feather hat (in earlier releases, a hunchback) that moves across the screen, dodging and jumping over various obstacles in order to get into a castle. As much as touching anything, be it a flaming cannonball or a bird, immediately costs the player a life and resets the level.

This game requires a lot of dexterity and timing, and can only be completed if you memorise all the obstacles in every level. As such it captures the spirit of 80s video games rather well, but is pretty annoying and unrewarding to play.

Description by MrFlibble

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  • Hunchy (unofficial Hunchback remake)

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