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Developer: Roel Tempelaar
Publisher: Nebula Software
Category:First-Person Shooter
More details:Official game website
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  • executable: RESIST/RUNNOSND.BAT
  • version 1.1

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Game description

Resistance is a first-person shooter created in QuickBasic, which alone is no small feat to accomplish. Engine-wise, it is comparable to Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and Kaos, i. e. the walls are 90 degrees only and of constant height, but the floors and ceilings are textured, and there is a possibility of changing between indoor and outdoor environments within a single level, with skyboxes akin to those in DOOM. The game also adds certain stealth elements, like the ability to crouch and peek around corners, as well as use distractions to lure out guards and surprise them from behind.

There is a full-featured single-player campaign, split into two episodes: in the first one, the main character, a US paratrooper trainee, finds himself stranded on an island overrun by hostiles, and must fight his way back home. The second episode takes place shortly thereafter as a series of US-led missions to Cuba, which has been taken over by the mysterious Laurel Army. This episode adds friendly NPCs and varying mission objectives. There is also a short tutorial.

Resistance plays a bit sluggish in DOSBox, but the Wolfenstein 3D-like engine is still very impressive. The textures and decoration sprites are mostly quite well done, but the character sprites are somewhat lacklustre -- still an impressive result for a one-man team. Unfortunately, the game uses the same sound engine as 'Ghini Run, meaning that it only works if you play in Windows 95/98, but not in DOSBox.

Description by MrFlibble

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