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Revenge of Froggie

Game information

Also known as: Revenge of Frogger (common title on fan sites)
Developer: PLBM Games
Publisher: PLBM Games
More details:Official game website
Related games: Clone, Liberated (former commercial), Frogger clone, Classic

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File Details
  • executable: ROF.EXE
  • freeware release from 2006


If the game runs too slowly in DOSBox (including the play-in-browser version), press Ctrl+F12 repeatedly to increase the amount of emulated CPU cycles to about 20,000 for comfortable play.

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Game description

Revenge of Froggie is an unofficial remake of Konami's 1981 arcade hit Frogger. The player controls a frog that must cross a busy traffic lane and a river to safety before the time runs out. Picking a female frog along the way, as well as landing in a frog hole with a fly in it earns extra points. When all frogs get home, the game repeats itself but with more obstacles and hazards.

Revenge of Froggie includes a "Classic Mode" that stays as close as possible to the arcade original, and "Extended Mode" that introduces a few tweaks to make the game more interesting.

Revenge of Froggie was originally marketed as shareware, but author Kurt W. Dekker made the registered version freeware in June 2006.

Description by MrFlibble

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