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Robomaze II

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Also known as: Robomaze II: The Lobby (shareware title)
Developer: Wetware
Publisher: MVP Software
More details:Official game website, MobyGames
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  • executable: ROBO2.BAT
  • configured for DOSBox

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Game description

Robomaze II is a side-scrolling platform game in a futuristic setting. As a lone resistance fighter, the player character acts as a one-man assault team taking on the tower of an evil dictator, Rambo style. The dictator took precautions though, and the tower is teeming with murderous robots.

Visually, the game might remind you of non-PC platform titles like Jet Set Willy. The player moves across rooms, each taking up one whole screen, and may encounter enemy robots, bonus items and keys to open doors. You can also use the money you found to buy powerups.

The main problem with Robomaze II though is its clunky controls. Usually, in a platform game you press the left or right arrow key and the character moves in that direction as long as the key is pressed, but here, you press it once and the character moves till you press up or down, or bump into an obstacle (similar to the very early adventure games like The Black Cauldron or The Adventures of Maddog Williams). This makes the simplest of actions like jumping -- and there's gonna be quite a lot of jumping in the game -- significantly harder than it they should be. And Robomaze II has little else to offer to compensate for this flaw, as the plot, the setting and the main staples of the genre, combat and exploration, are not nearly interesting enough to keep playing.

Because of the problematic controls, it is advised to play in a DOSBox build that supports save states (= save the game anywhere you want), because the game's built-in save system will only allow you to save after a specified number of levels.

Robomaze II was originally sold as shareware and split into three episodes, with only the first one, called The Lobby, available for free. Eventually, MVP Software made the entire trilogy freeware, available for download from their website.

Description by MrFlibble

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