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Soldiers of Fortune

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Also known as: The Chaos Engine (European title)
Developer: The Bitmap Brothers
Publisher: WarnerActive
More details:Official game website, MobyGames, Wikipedia
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The Chaos Engine: €9.99

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Enter six hard nailed mercenaries for hire. The Thug, Preacher, Mercenary, Gentleman, Navvie and Brigand. These ball breakers are armed to the teeth with over 25 weapons and a host of ,destructive devices peculiar to their class. Select two characters to form your party and enter the World of Chaos. The adventure covers four graphic worlds and 16 levels loaded with fiendish traps, puzzles, and secret passages. Blag or blast your way through hordes of different monsters to do battle with the ultimate killing machine, The Chaos Engine.

Description by The Bitmap Brothers

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