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Star Control II

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Also known as: Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters (full title), Star Control 2 (common title)
Developer: Toys for Bob
Publisher: Accolade
More details:MobyGames, Wikipedia
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Star Control I + II: €1.99 (-€2.00)


To install the demo, rename SC2_DEMO.EXE to INSTALL.EXE and run it. After the files are unpacked, type SC2_DEMO.EXE to play.

Start the demo with DOSBox set to emulate 1000 CPU cycles for the colours to fade in properly. Once the game begins and you're prompted to enter the captain's name, the CPU cycle count may be increased by pressing Ctrl+F12.

NOTE: This game can be played directly in Windows using a third-party source port (see the links section below).

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A Great War. A Lost Paradise. An Epic Adventure.

“Feb.17. 2167. Deep Space Colony Unzervald: Final Log Entry.”

“After being marooned on this distant world for nearly 20 years, we now have engineered a launch vehicle with enough power to leave the system. Many of the colonists are too weak for hyperspace. I am faced with the task of choosing 30 of the most fit to accompany me. My mission is clear: find out if our forces or the evil Ur-quan prevailed in the galactic war. And most importantly, discover if our planet survived.”

Description by Accolade

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