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Star Wars (Alexander Rodin)

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Also known as: Star War 1.0 (alternate title)
Developer: Alexander Rodin
More details:Official game website
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The game requires the file DIV32RUN.DLL to run, downloaded separately. You will need to set DOSBox memory size to 63 MiB to play (memsize=63). For best performance, it is recommended to use DOSBox-X and set its memory to 512 MiB.

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Game description

Star Wars is a fangame set in the Star Wars universe. The player takes on the role of a Rebel Alliance pilot tasked with various missions. The game itself is an arcade simulation vaguely similar to such official titles as Star Wars: Rebel Assault: the player controls a space fighter, viewed from the cockpit, and shoots various objects like asteroids or enemy craft. The resulting gameplay is much more arcade-like than in more detailed space flight simulators like Star Wars: TIE Fighter.

Star Wars was developed by Alexander Rodin as his final college project using DIV Games Studio. It is a full-featured game with ten missions, save and load game features, and even a built-in Star Wars encyclopedia.

Description by MrFlibble

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