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Also known as: Sudoku
Developer: Mateusz Viste
More details:Official game website
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Game description

Sudoku86 is a Sudoku game designed to run under DOS. It is a 16-bit, real mode application using CGA or VGA video output (320x200). It has been compiled using Turbo C 2.0.1. Sudoku86 comes with 100 embedded Sudoku grids of variable difficulty, and allows to load external level files, too.

Sudoku86 requires:
- 50K of free conventional memory
- a 8086/8088 compatible CPU
- a CGA, MCGA or VGA graphic card
- a two-button mouse
- a DOS 3.0+ compatible operating system

Sudoku86 is published under the 2-clause BSD license.

Description by Mateusz Viste

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