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Super Pooh

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Also known as: Супер Винни-Пух (original Russian title)
Developer: FaMe SoftWare
Publisher: Sagittarius
More details:Official game website
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File Details
  • executable: POOHWEB.BAT
  • configured for DOSBox
  • includes installer
  • executable: POOHD.EXE
  • updated version 2.06
  • Update
  • MS-DOS
  • 258 kB (0.25 MB)


Use the arrow keys to move around. The up arrow activates keys, levers and checkpoints. Press Ctrl to jump, Alt to throw pine cones.

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Game description

Super Pooh is an unlicensed platform game featuring Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Piglet has been taken away by the Heffalump and is held prisoner in a sausage factory, and Pooh sets out to rescue his friend.

The game is a typical arcade action platformer: Pooh will have to jump a lot, and can throw pine cones to get rid of unfriendly creatures like bees, caterpillars and frogs that he comes across. It'll take some practice to use this weapon as the cones do not fly in a straight line; but any cones that missed their target can be picked up again. Pooh can also collect coins that lie around or are dropped by fallen enemies, and this currency can be used in shops that are run by the Owl and can be found scattered across the levels

The Owl sells weapon and health refills, as well as various powerups. These include boots that let you jump higher, ice cleats, ice breakers, shields, and even a jetpack. Acquiring certain powerups may become crucial for boss fights or level progression.

The world of Super Pooh is split into seven large, non-linear levels that contain secrets, locked areas, the Owl's shops and other places of interest. Each level ends with a boss battle, and there are between-level cutscenes with humorous dialogue. There is no way to save your progress, except for mid-level checkpoints and level passwords that are provided after finishing a level.

The game code, artwork and levels were created by one man, Mikhail Bratus (a.k.a. Don Miguel), who was 21-22 at the time. In spite of its indie origins, Super Pooh is very polished and professionally done, and as such saw a commercial release in 1996, albeit in Russia only. The game was rediscovered by enthusiasts in 2010, and in 2011 Don Miguel provided the source code and other goodies to the public, declaring the game freeware. In 2023, an updated DOS version and a Windows port was released by CTPAX-CHEATER, and Don Miguel re-released the source code under the Apache 2.0 license, allowing free use for the game assets as well.

The game also saw an international console release as Super Plusha, with all art re-drawn and all references to Winnie the Pooh removed to avoid copyright issues.

Description by MrFlibble

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