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The Great Mystery of Cheops

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Also known as: Kheops – Suuri mysteeri (original release title)
Developer: Arto Ylisaukko-oja
Publisher: Komentokeskus Oy
More details:Official game website
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When asked for "paletti" at the start of the game, press 1.

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Game description

The Great Mystery of Cheops is a classic style first-person adventure game. Taking place in 1907, it follows the story of Egyptologist Robert Middleton who sets off to explore a previously undiscovered part of the famous Pyramid of Cheops.

The game is controlled entirely by the mouse (even the main menu). Movement is grid-based, similar to many early 90s RPGs like Dungeon Hack. However, here the main emphasis is on maze navigation and puzzle-solving. There is no automap, but using the supply of chalk in the player's inventory will automatically mark any passed squares with a white X, making it easier to navigate unexplored tunnels.

Items in the inventory can be combined, and an important step early on the game is to devise means of moving up and down holes between the different levels of the pyramid, which requires the player to find and combine two objects.

Eventually, the player comes across various enemies, such as hostile animals and even armed Egyptians. At the start of the game, Robert Middleton is equipped with a Colt revolver with 18 rounds and a Swiss army knife, but later on, other weapons like swords and spears can be found in the catacombs to be successfully employed against foes in such encounters. To use a weapon, left-click on its icon in the inventory once an enemy appears on the screen.

The Great Mystery of Kheops was originally sold commercially in Finland, where it was released in the Finnish language, but now author Arto Ylisaukko-oja generously made both the Finnish version and the previously unreleased English language version freely available in collaboration with Finnish software preservation site Kasettilamerit.

Description by MrFlibble

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