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The Puzzle Pits

Game information

Also known as: Puzzle Pits 95 (alternate title)
Developer: Abe Pralle
Publisher: Plasma Works
More details:Official game website, MobyGames
Related games: Liberated (former commercial), Open source, Sokoban (Soko-Ban) variant

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File Details
  • executable: PITS95/PITS.EXE
  • freeware release
  • executable: PITSDEMO/DEMO.EXE
  • contains 3 unique levels

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Game description

The Puzzle Pits is a Soko-Ban variant in a fantasy setting and a plot of sorts. The main character is a wizard's apprentice who must solve the increasingly more intricate puzzles that revolve around pushing barrels in very literal pits.

The game is built around the basics of Soko-Ban: you need to push barrels onto marked blue spots on the floor, and cannot pull them. On top of this, The Puzzle Pits adds a multitude of other elements, such as crates, pressure plates and magic gems that allow the player to perform special actions. The game world is presented in an isometric view reminiscent of the later Ultima titles, which can be a bit confusing as to where the player goes. There are unlimited tries to solve each level, and level passwords to skip to the most recently solved puzzle.

The Puzzle Pits was originally commercial, but eventually author Abe Pralle released it as freeware, and the source code is now available as well.

Description by MrFlibble

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