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Tony & Friends in Kellogg's Land

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In DOSBox, set CPU core to normal before playing so that sound and music work properly in the game.

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This is a German side-scrolling platform advergame created to promote Kellogg's brands of breakfast cereals, with the products' mascots as the main characters. You control Tony the Tiger (of the delicious Frosties fame) who can run and jump faster than the other characters (obviously), but over the course of the game you will find "changing rooms" where you can switch to one of the other three mascots, each with their own special abilities: Smacks the Frog who can swim, Coco the Monkey who can climb trees, and Toucan Sam who can fly.

Gameplay is typical of a "hop and bop" platformer in the style of Super Mario Bros.: you are supposed to reach the level exit before the countdown timer reaches zero, and collect as many pieces of cereal and other powerups as possible, while either avoiding enemies or jumping on their heads to permanently kick them off screen. Everything is done in a family-friendly manner, and the game contains multiple hints (all in German, however) strewn across the levels.

As an advergame, Tony & Friends was released as freeware.

Description by MrFlibble

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