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Factor 5 is a software development house originally founded in Germany in 1987. At that time, there were five friends and computer game enthusiasts and today they are 19 people, among them developers, programmers, graphic artists and musicians. Quality is what Factor 5 are known for and it is one of our major principles to guarantee high standards rather than quantity which is the reason for us remaining this small.
In addition to high-profile game developments for publishers as diverse as LucasArts, Konami, Hudson Soft, and Nintendo, Factor 5´s German localization department has been established in 1994. Included in the list of projects are titles like X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, Shannara, X-Wing: Balance of Power, and a number of Electronic Arts´ sports titles. The collaboration of capable programmers and translators results in optimum in-game and manual translations, the fully equipped studio and contacts to the best voice talent in Germany guarantee the best services in the industry.

Originally located in Cologne, Germany, Factor 5 was offered in 1995 due to close collaboration with LucasArts a move to Northern California. In May 1996 the staff moved to San Rafael, CA (Marin County). Factor 5, LLC remains to be a privately held company with no outside financial involvement.

Since 1996, a growing technical expertise in sound development has led to close links with Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan with several developments of proprietary tools for the Nintendo 64 platform, including the M.O.R.T. voice compression system which has already been licensed to Nintendo and several N64-Third Party companies.

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