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Twin Dragon

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Category: Expansion Set
Year: 1998
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Game added by: MrFlibble
Violence: !This game includes violence
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DOSBox: Supported

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includes installer
executable: tdragon.exe
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Originally intended as a commercial add-on for Shadow Warrior, Twin Dragon was made available as freeware by the developers after the publisher failed to release it.


  • Image by MrFlibble
  • Image by MrFlibble
  • Image by MrFlibble
  • Image by MrFlibble
  • Image by MrFlibble
  • Image by MrFlibble
  • Outside Wang Bangin! (image by Wylde Productions)
  • Streets of Twin Dragon (image by Wylde Productions)
  • Fish Market Fiasco (image by Wylde Productions)
  • Sewer System (image by Wylde Productions)
  • Fortress of Hung Lo (image by Wylde Productions)
  • Palace Bedroom (image by Wylde Productions)

Description (by Wylde Productions)

Twin Dragon adds an additional exciting episode to the full version of the hit game Shadow Warrior from 3D Realms.

Twin Dragon Contains:

  • Twelve New Mission Levels
  • Three New Wang Bang Levels.
  • New Secret Level
  • Plus other surprises!



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Twin Dragon



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