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Wacky Wheels

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Also known as:
  • Wacky Kart (working title)
Category: Racing
Year: 1994
More details: MobyGames
DOSBox: Supported (show details)
Rating: ****+

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executable: WACKY.BAT
configured for DOSBox
Shareware (installed)
1,544 kB
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includes installer
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Description (by Eric Savage)

Don your racing helmet and gear up for speed, only to find that your racing partners are all animals! No tame animals these are, mind you. The shark has a mean bite and the elephant will give you a hefty bump. The game also allows two player mode and you can play a league of tracks to see who finishes with the most wins. Wacky Wheels is the perfect way to let off some steam!

Cheats (by

Commandline cheats: Enter any number of these on the commandline (for example "WACKY /2 turbo") to cheat:

/2: Fast gameplay
/3: Really fast gameplay
/debug: Create a ERR.LOG file as you play
turbo: Activate the turbo key (press brake and fire)
jump: Activate the jump key (press brake and accelerate)

In addition to the above, you can specify one of the following options:

hog: Get 99 hedgehogs
ice: Get 99 ice cubes
fire: Get 99 fireballs



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Wacky Wheels



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