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Play Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons online - shareware (installed)


The shareware version includes the entire first episode of the game, Marooned on Mars.

NOTE: This game can be played directly in Windows using a third-party engine recreation (see the links section below).


God mode: Press the following keys at the same time: G-O-D. Pressing all three of these will put you in God mode, and will also give you a jump cheat, meaning that when you press the "jump" key, you can fly.

Full items: Press the following keys at the same time: C-T-[Space]. Gives you the pogostick, all the keycards, and full ammo.

Pass through levels: Hold the following keys: [Shift]-[Tab]. Allows you to walk through locations on the map without beating them.

Description by VGTips

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