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Play Prince of Persia online - playable demo (installed)


To quit the demo, press Ctrl+Q.


Load the game through the DOS prompt, using the command:

PRINCE MEGAHIT (older versions)
PRINCE IMPROVED (newer versions)

This will activate a cheat mode:

Effect | Code
Increase time | +
Decrease time | -
Display your coordinates | Shift+C
Drink small potion | Shift+S
Extra energy bar | Shift+T
Extra life (max is 10) | Shift+T
Flip screen | Shift+I
Go to next level | Shift+L
Kill all enimies on the screen | K
Look up | U
Move to bottom of screen | N
Move to left of screen | H
Move to right of screen | J
Move to top of screen | V
New life | R
Show coordinates | C
Show sprites/animations | Shift+B
Slow falls | Shift+W

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