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Play Raptor: Call of the Shadows online - shareware (installed)


NOTE: This game has a native Windows version.


Full energy: Press the [Backspace] key to restore all your energy and also give you a death ray. This will take away all your money and only works in the registered version.

Super cheat mode: Set the environment variable "S_HOST" to the value "CASTLE" at the DOS prompt by typing the following before you run Raptor: SET S_HOST=CASTLE (it must be in caps). Then when you play the game you will be completely invincible, and have all the weapons. Also, you can skip levels by hitting ESC during the game, followed by N. You'll be back at the hangar, and when you exit, you'll be on the next level.

Level select: Go to the screen where you see the level selection (such as Bravo Sector, etc). Then enter Z, X or Y (Z is Episode 1, X is Episode 2, and Y is Episode 3) then enter a letter between Q and O on the keyboard (Q is level 1, W is level 2 .. O is level 9). Be careful that you only select unregistered levels if you're using the unregistered version of the game.

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