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Adventure LearningWare was founded in San Jose, California in October 1992, with the following mission statement:

At Adventure LearningWare, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life of our customers by fulfilling their needs for quality educational software.

What makes us different from other educational software companies is our passion for computer games. Our roots as game designers are reflected in the healthy dose of game experience present in our products; a feature that makes our products irresistible to kids, who come back repeatedly to play the game and learn in the process.

Our products are also serious teaching tools that include a good deal of educational content, advanced capabilities such as record-keeping, customization of educational material, and the generation of printed material. The unique combination of all these elements results in products that are perfect for the home, the home-school, and the school.

We use the shareware model to market our software. We release a fully-functional evaluation copy of the software that the user is allowed to copy or "share" with their friends and colleagues. Shareware is the ultimate money-back guarantee; our customers order the product AFTER they are sure it is what they need. This approach successfully addresses a major concern of teachers and parents who want to test the software with kids before they buy it.

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