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Psycon Software is currently a very small business, creating computer games and various small utilities. PC development is the current focus, however Psycon originally started with the Amiga.


The software that you will find available on the Amiga Downloads part of this page was actually released under various names. They are QPD (Quality Public Domain), QSW (Quality Shareware), and Psycon Software.

My first three titles that were released back in 1993 were for the Amiga, and were released under the name QPD. In January, I released Tetroid - a Tetris style game with no sound - which was my first fully completed game. Prior to this, I had worked on several top-scrolling games, none of which even came close to being completed. My second release was a Commodore 64 terminal emulator called 64Door - which took less than a month to make and release. Right then, I started on Megasquad, which is a two player tag/duel game in which you use rotation and thrust to move. Originally Megasquad was going to be the ultimate Asteroids/Omega Race/Pacman (if you will) style game where the player moves around blasting stuff, collecting stuff, and working his/her way through maze-style levels of increasing difficulty. The final game ended up as a simple two player game with two modes of gameplay - one where you tag each other and one where you shoot each other. (Wow.)

Shortly after Megasquad was released, I began on my next project for the Amiga - Galactoid - which was to be released as shareware instead of public domain. Galactoid is a simple Galaga/Galaxian style shoot-em-up where you have to shoot waves of dive-bombing enemies. This game turned out great, but was no match for Deluxe Galaga (made in Europe).

After this, I started working on a fully functional sound effects/music system for use in future projects. I also spent some time making a tile map editor for use in any future topscrolling or sidescrolling games I might do. This was a true waste of time, as it has never been used and never will be.

Then came...CYBERSPHERE. In early 1994, I started on the Amiga version of this Arkanoid/Breakout style game and hoped to turn it into a commercial product. Myself, and some other people involved with the project, came up with the name Psycon Software. The first demo version was released in late July, and the full version of this game started selling immediately. I released a second demo in November - one that had better playable levels, more music, and a bunch of self-demoing non-playable levels. Again sales picked up. As I got many requests for level editors and more levels and the like, I began making a new, more challenging level set - and called it Cybersphere Plus. All Cybersphere customers were offered a discount, and the Cybersphere Plus demo was released in spring of 1995. To this date, despite Commodore's downfall, Cybersphere and Cybersphere Plus for the Amiga are still selling somewhat.

All the above mentioned programs were coded in 100% MC68000 assembly language. This is by far the best language to use on the Amiga for games. Not only that, it was the only decent language I ever knew for the Amiga.

At about the same time Cybersphere Plus was released, I purchased a new fully loaded P90. I knew nothing about assembly language on the PC at the time, so I started to get into it - and thanks to the help of a good friend (Chris Bailey) who is now developing console games, I learned quickly and started making utilities for myself. My first PC release was IncBin, a small utility for assembly language programmers. In November 1995, I began making Cybersphere for the PC. The whole project went well, but took a bit longer than originally intended. I also developed a fully functional audio system complete with tracker, which can now be used for future projects. The audio system took a month to develop. The Cybersphere PC playable demo was released in mid April.

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