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About Silmarils

Silmarils was founded in October 1987 by two French brothers, Louis-Marie and Andre Rocques. The two brothers were independent game developers since 1983 for micro-computers like TRS-80, Amstrad, and Oric.

Silmarils had their main office in Lognes (Marne-La-Vallee) near Paris, where most of production takes place, and a development studio in Nancy (Eastern France).

The company has created games for different systems and in various genres, such as Targhan (side-scrolling action), Transarctica (strategy), the Ishar series (RPG), Deus (action and survival simulation), Time Warriors (3D fighting), Asghan (action-adventure), and others.

The different titles developed by Silmarils have been distributed and licensed worldwide; they are localised in native language for each country, including even special font icons (Polish, Korean, Chinese, etc.).

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